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Special filter precoat for medium-coarse filtrations

20kg bags

FIBROXCEL 20 ® for filtration of alimentary liquids

20kg bags
FIBROXCEL 30 ® Special filter precoat for brightening filtrations

20 kg bags
FIBROXCEL VAC ® Special multi-action vacuum filter aid

20kg bags
FILTER SHEET-300 XL ® Porosity 5 to 10µ

package 100 sheets per carton
FILTER SHEET-700 XL ® Porosity 3 to 5µ

package 100 sheets per carton
FILTER SHEET-1100 STERIL ® Porosity 0.9 to 1.1µ

package 100 sheets per carton
FILTER SHEET-1200 STERIL ® Porosity 0.5 to 0.6µ

package 100 sheets per carton

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Technology in service of quality

In oenology, filtration is that technical passage enabling the separation of solid particles from the liquid medium where they are dispersed, through their retention by means of a porous filtering medium. Agents are continuously dosed on the porous filtering medium and they enable to prolong the filtration cycle and to vary porosity in order to adapt to the turbidity of the product to be filtered.
AEB filter aids enable the complete success of the cellar practice and preserve wine structure and aromas.
AEB proposes a complete range of filter aids, specifically studied to respond to the technician's needs according to the product to be treated, vinification objectives and the equipment at one's disposal. AEB filter aids make easy to obtain chemical and biological stability.
Filtering materials produced by AEB are the expression of the highest technology in service of production processes apt to keep wine complexity in the total respect of the raw material and of technician's standards.
Substances composing AEB filter aids are built by chemically inert molecules, free from any impurity.
Many experimental trials showed the very high efficiency degree of AEB filter aids that, before being commercialised, pass complex physical-chemical quality trials apt to grant the product purity and validity.