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Internal Cleaning
of pipes, tanks,pumps..

REMOVIL ® LIQUID High alkalinity descaling detergent

35kg drums
REMOX ® Alkaline detergent

25kg drums
REMOXAN ® Chlorine free sanitizer

5kg drums
IDROSAN ® Sanitizing alkaline detergent

30kg drumes
ALCA - Detergent with sanitizing action for cationic resins.

1400 kg flowbin
ACID + Acid sanitizing regeneration agent for cationic resins

1300 kg flowbin
CELON ® Descaling acid detergent with sanitizing action

30kg DRUMS

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External Cleaning
of Equipments and Surrounding Environment

AROFOAM ® Low alkalinity Foam detergent
25kg drums
REMOFOAM® High alkalinity Foam detergent
35kg drums
SANIFOAM ® Sanitizing alkaline Foam detergent
30kg drums
CELOFOAM ® Sanitizing acid Foam detergent
STERIFOAM ® Sanitizer Foam detergent
25kg drums

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For the Sanitation
of Internal and External surface

NEUTROSAN ® Multi-action neutral sanitizer
25kg drums
PERACID ® Sanitizer for food industries
25kg drums
MEMBRAN ® UF Highly sequestering alkaline detergent for ultra-filtration equipment and Crossflow membranes
25kg drums


Hygiene is a condition for wine quality
It is widely shown that many undesired modifications in the chemical and organoleptic wine characters are to be attributable to poor production hygiene or to a microbial pollution. Serious damage is often caused by chemical pollution and by the association of both chemical and microbial pollution, damages that is possible to avoid through an accurate cleaning and sanitation of containers, production equipments and, in general, of the cellar.
The cellar is not a production environment different from other processing places for agro-alimentary products and has to be constantly kept in hygienic and safe conditions in order to have guarantees for a quality without contaminations.
AEB Group has been the leader for many years in the production of detergents, sanitizers and equipment able to assure perfect processing and storage conditions as well as the total hygiene of all rooms and surfaces in contact with wine. In all stages of the production process, AEB is able to propose different kinds of preparations answering the technicians' needs and assuring, with the specificity of their action, the best results. The wine builds scales favouring the microbial proliferation and diffusion, dangerous for its maintenance. AEB Group proposes, for each situation proper of the oenological processing, products and equipment indispensable to maintain the condition of wine quality, through the cleaning and sanitation of the processing environment and the equipment to treat musts and wines.
Besides traditional detergents and sanitizers, the cleaning and absence of microbial contaminations on external surfaces are facilitated by the utilisation of exclusive foam detergents, that can be supplied with the equipment proposed by AEB.