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ATOS ® Specific Ocratoxin A adsorbent for musts and wines

15kg bags
BIODECORGEL ® Self-clarifying decolourising carbon

20kg bags
CARBOSIL® liquid clarifier with decolourising action

30 kg bags
DECORAN ® Activated decolourising charcoal for alimentary liquids

25kg bags
DEODAL ® Activated deodorising charcoal for alimentary liquids

20kg bags

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AEB Group presents a new generation of active carbon, including straight products and mixtures.

The agents based exclusively on active carbon are Decoran, active decolourising carbon that selectively reduces colour from wines, preserving all positive characteristics unaltered, and Deodal, which eliminates undesired and anomalous smells by enhancing sensorial notes of the different cultivars used during vinification. Complex preparations contain not only active carbon but also other molecules working both specifically and in synergy.
Biodecorgel is composed by active carbon, food gelatine, activated bentonite. It is a user friendly tool, designed to speed up wine fining. Biodecorgel enables to obtain decolouration and clarification with just one operation.
Carbosil is an agent with active carbon, silica gel and silica sol, kaolin and bentonite, ideal for decolourizing fining, along with food gelatins.
Atos presents, besides active carbon, potassium caseinate and inert filter aids, able to completely eliminate the presence of toxic Ocratoxin throughout adsorption. All these formulations present the ideal concentrations to obtain the best result for each different vinification stage and are obtained from raw materials selected through strict quality controls.