AEB Spa is a world leader in the field of biotechnologies and of processing products used for the treatment of alimentary liquids.The products selected for the beer production represent for AEB the result of a high experience reached in the specific sector, from the research developed through the R&D centers present all over the world, to the ability of its specialized technicians to optimize the products’ application.

A work leading on the whole to the development of formulations answering the most different needs, till the realization of specific personal solutions for the most demanding customers.

AEB Spa recently completed a modern product traceability system which conforms to the quality control systems used at big food industries, thus facilitating the respect of the internal UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality Management System, UNI EN ISO 14001 :2004 for the Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Events with AEB

- EBS Congress 26-30 May 13, AEB presentation on GSH and recent authorization to use Lypozyme in must or beer.

-Brasil brau in Sao Paulo from 25 to 27 June 2013. Find AEB Bioquemica here.

-Drinktec Munich 16 to 20 September


AEB is constantly present on the R&D international scene, In this section,we bring you some of our technical publications, writing in collaboration with experts in our field.
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