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AROMAX ® Oxygen remover, enhancer of primary aromas

20kg bags

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For reductive vinification

The specific combination SO2-ascorbic acid finds its best balance in the Aromax product range, four agents studied for must reduction. All Aromax products are characterised by the action on must and wine oxygen. If molecular oxygen dissolved in must is left free to act, it oxidizes and degrades white wine aromas, while it causes colour alterations in red wines.
Aromax is the agent enabling to preserve and protect aromas in white grapes and colour in red wines, preventing the oxidation since the very first processing stages. Besides the preparation in soluble powder, AEB Group laboratories prepared an Aromax range in order to satisfy technicians' needs and to answer the different problems that may occur during vinification.
Aromax products selectively inhibit indigenous and oxidizing yeasts that need high redox potentials to develop. The specific formulations enable to develop in purity fermentation carried out by the added yeasts and prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms by subtracting oxygen. The base preparation Aromax can be used in its liquid form Aromax sol. 33%, particularly indicated to be added with dosing pumps. This agent is composed by the same active principles present in Aromax, dissolved in deionized and deareated water, with production technological processes granting its extreme purity.