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BÂTONNAGE PLUS ® Special processing aid for wine maturation

20kg bags
BÂTONNAGE PLUS ® 150 KD Special processing aid for wine maturation, high concentration of mannoproteins

20kg bags
BÂTONNAGE PLUS ® AROME Special processing aid for wine maturation, based on pectolytic enzyme with high B-glucosidasic activity increase aromatic intensity

25 kg drums
BÂTONNAGE PLUS ® ELEVAGE Special processing aid for wine maturation, refining agent

20kg bags
BÂTONNAGE BODY ® Improves taste and volume of wine

20 kg bags
BÂTONNAGE PLUS ® BLANC Refining aid for white and rosè wines.

20 kg bags
BÂTONNAGE PLUS RONDEUR ® To enhance wine elegance and body

20 kg bags

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Maturation and refining agent for high-end wines.
Bâtonnage Plus is a product derived from yeast cell walls preparations and is obtained through an innovative production system based only on light physical treatments that is able to keep yeast mannoproteins complete. Such complex molecules have an average molecular weight of 150 kdalton and a mannose content 95% of the total sugars, identical to the one obtained with sur-lie maturation.
Different experimental and production trials enabled to optimise an equilibrate dosage of essential components, to obtain obvious improvements during the storage of prized wines.
Glucidic colloids released by yeasts and present in Bâtonnage Plus complex specific polyphenolic components and highlights the sensation of wines softness. Even when fermentation lees are lacking, Bâtonnage Plus brings about a harmonious taste improvement in the treated wines and prevents the risks of prolonged contacts with the yeast, thus enabling a better flexibility and consistency in the production process.
Bâtonnage Plus decreases astringency and shows more elegant and complex tannic tones; the organoleptic improvement is completed bringing about notes of toasted bread. In red wines it will dramatically soften the palate and its volume will mellow aggressive sensations out. Volume, mid-palate, length, and flavour are enhanced.
Bâtonnage Plus can be added to the new wine still fermenting and dosed at variable concentrations, in order to reach the desired effects.