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BAYKISOL ® 30 Silica solution for finings and clarifications

25kg,1200kg flow bin
BETACREMOR ® Fast crystallizer of the cream of tartar

25 kg bags
BENTOGRAN ® Microdose bentonite granules

25 kg bags

BIOCATALASI ® Enzymatic quick-action clarifier

35kg bags
BIOFLUX ® Clarifier for continuous dosing filtrations

10kg bags
BIOMICROCEL ® Highly innovative clarifier

25kg bags
BIOQUICKGEL® Enzymatic quick-action clarifier

35kg bags
CATALASI ® Anti-oxidizing clarifier

35kg bags
CLAROUGE ® Softening, stabilizing clarifier for red and nouveaux wines

20kg plastic bags
DISACID ® Softening de-acidifier for musts and wines

25kg bags
GELSOL ® Special very high concentration (over 50 %) liquid gelatine

30kg drums
GALLOVIT ® C Oxidation - reduction stabilizer for wine composed of Gall tannin and ascorbic acid

5 kg bags
MICROCEL ® Clarifying stabilizer and physical activator of fermentation

20kg bags
MICROCEL ® AF Microcel Allergen Free: Clarifying stabilizer and physical activator of fermentation

25kg bags
MICRON 96 ® Pure potassium caseinate

20kg bags
MIX ACID ® LM Mixture of malic and lactic Acid used to increase wines' fixed acidity

25kg drums
MIX ACID ® TLM Mixture of Tartatric, Lactic and Malic Acid used to increase wines'fixed acidity

25kg drums/1100kg flowbins
MIX ACID ® TL Mixture of Tartatric and Lactic Acid used to increase wines'fixed acidity

25kg drums/1100kg flowbins
MIX ACID ® TM Mixture of Tartatric, Lactic and Malic Acid used to increase wines'fixed acidity

25kg drums/1100kg flowbins
pH ® STAB Enables to decrease K and Ca salts in wines, making them stable from the point of view of tantric precipitation

20.5kg bag
POLYGEL ® W PVPP based stabilizer

15kg bags
RIDUXHIGH ® Anti-oxidizing, iron dissolving SO2 stabilizer

1kg Laminated bags
SPINDASOL® SW Reacts with gelatine and improves filtration

25kg drums
VE-GEL ® Vegetal protein for the clarification of must and wines

20kg bags
WINEGLASS ® Fish gelatine-Isinglass for clarification of the wine

1kg packs
E-GEL ® Liquid gelatine with high clarifying power

25kg bags
MICRON ® AF Ideal clarifier for white and rosè wines. Stabilises unstable polyphenolic components

25 kg / 10 kg bags

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AEB offers a wide and articulate range of agents in order to guarantee the best result in a very delicate technical stage such as must and wine clarification.
Among complex clarifiers, Bioquickgel rapidly acts on wines with high concentrations of protector colloids and high quantities of suspended solids and Clarouge softens wines with sensorial notes excessively aggressive or possessing high quantities of unstable colouring fractions.
Among selective clarifiers is Ovogel, powdery egg albumin designed to remove the sharp edge of small phenols. It will eliminate the unpleasant astringent notes and supports wine fineness. In addition to Ovogel, AEB offers Ovozym,an exclusive clarifier, also based on egg albumen protein, that prevents microbic problems and might be helpful for stuck fermentations.
There is a wide choice for clarifiers based on potassium caseinate, pure or in association with other clarifying compounds.
Micron XL and Micron 96, agents based exclusively on potassium caseinate with high content in aminoacids, will enhance the bouquet and freshness of the treated wines. The proteins contained in these products have very low molecular weight, and they will go after the short-chain phenols responsible for bitterness and browning in wines prone to oxidation. Microcel and Microcel XL adsorb proanthocyanidinic fractions and monomeric catechins to achieve soft wines, correctly developed and with complex aromas.
Catalasi enables prevention or eliminates colour defects in white and red wines, protecting wine from oxidation. Biocatalasi improves the organoleptic profile of the treated wines, by taking all the sharp and aggressive edges off the palate (both in reds and whites).
AEB clarifiers represent the practical solution to winemaker's needs in their different tasks. They will be able to solve, with the constant technical support of the AEB Group, every issue in the fining of the best wines.